Students' Union Government (SUG)

The Students' Union Government (SUG) of College of Nursing Sciences, Mbano, is a vocational and social organization which stands for freedom of expression and use of talent. It is an integral part of the school. All student who make up the student union body of the school are members of this association, and they must all play active roles in it.
The union activities, which cover academics including personal, spiritual and political, social/extra-curricular activities etc aim at bringing about a positive change in its members.

This Student Union Executive Council is not a student solidarity movement or pressure group, existing to monitor the activities of the college administration. Rather, it is a forum established to promote the vision and programmes of the college, serve as a link between the student union body and the college's administration by presenting the students' needs and complaints to the administration, and in turn promoting the vision and programmes of the college to the students.

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